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Certified Equine Specialist
Certified Equine Manager
Learn More About Your Equine Friend

All classes are COMPLETELY  ONLINE,

A comment from one of our students-
"These classes are so thorough - I am having a blast! Because they weren't directly through the college I was not sure how challenging they would be, or if I would learn a lot, but I am totally impressed! The choices in books are fantastic! I couldn't be more pleased! The communication with you both is always prompt and that is super! You have given me confidence that I will be great! You do not try to hide your training methods as a lot of trainers do"
K. Samitore, Oregon.

Certified Equine Specialist-

Live Your Dream and work with horses daily. You will take nine management classes and study all phases of horse management and add to those four hands on horse training classes. In the training classes you will learn how to make your horse soft and supple and a willing partner.

In the management classes you will learn how to feed, manage, train and market horses and then learn how to develop a business that allows you to use all of your newly learned information. This program is for those people that want a well rounded program with an emphasis on training. There are four riding classes in this degree. This degree is for those that want an occupation that involves more hands on training of horses.

We realize college education has gotten very expensive and at GEA we have tried to come up with the exact program that will help you get involved in the horse industry at a realistic price. For the person that wants to have a degree plus have a complete equine experience, we suggest, you take one of the certificate programs and then go to your local community college and get a degree in business and you can save a lot of money and still be very qualified to succeed in the equine industry. If you have any questions give Sandy a call at 605-391-0592 and she can help you find a program that will meet your needs.

High School students you can start taking the equine classes from Global Equine Academy any time and by the time you graduate from high school you will have the equine knowledge you need to be successful in the equine industry, then get a degree locally and you will be able to live your dreams and still not break the bank.

Showing a reining horse
Showing a reining horse
Sam one of our graduates, showing a reining horse.

Facility Management
Equine Behavior and Ground Work
Equine Nutrition
Equine Reproduction
Equine Business
Equine Marketing
Equine Anatomy and Selection
Stallion Management
Equine Health and Diseases
Techniques of Training I
Techniques of Training II
Techniques of Training III
Techniques of Training VI

Certified Equine Manager-

Water Treadmill
Darci Richardson from California, one our graduates, developed her own equine rehabilitation business one of the many equine related businesses.  This is an under water treadmill for rehabbing injured performance horses.

The Certified Equine Manager is for those people that want to be involved with the management or business side of the horse industry. You will take nine management classes and two Training Theory Classes. No riding required for the Training Theory Classes. For the people that want to be involved in managing an equine facility, sales, marketing, breeding or developing their own business and do not plan on training horses as part of their occupation. There are many equine jobs out there that do not involve actually having to train horses for a living. You will take Training Theory classes where you will take an in-depth look at the training process, but you will write papers on how training is actually done instead of having to do the actual training.

Equine Behavior and Ground Work
Equine Nutrition
Equine Reproduction
Equine Business
Equine Marketing
Equine Anatomy and Selection
Stallion Management
Equine Health and Diseases
Facility Management
Training Theory I
Training Theory II

Learn More About Your Equine Friend-

Don’t need a degree, but want to learn more about horses.
If you just want to learn more about taking care of your equine friend, you can take any of our classes. Take one or two if that fits your needs. You will learn how to properly feed and manage you equine buddy. Find out how professionals take care of their horses. Your horse will be a lot happier and healthier. You will learn how to become the leader and how to make your horse softer and supple and he will be a lot more fun to ride and be around. You can take the tests for a grade or just take the classes for your information and you do not have to study for any tests.

Advantages of the Certified  Specialist Certification:

Easy fast Registration
Do not need a high school diploma or GED
Only have to take the equine classes, no general education classes required
Work directly with Miller's to register
Can take all or one class
Can complete in 9 months
Can take classes for personal knowledge (do not have to take final exam)
Classes have a lot of practical (real life) information and technical information

Free Textbooks-  (over an $800. value) If you pay for the entire program in advance.

A comment from a student-
“I can't begin to tell you the confidence your program gives me very time I set foot in the barn. Every lesson makes me more aware of my surroundings. I've even been analyzing the sand in the riding arena! Thank you so much for providing such a great experience. Please know that your teachings are not being wasted here in Georgia. I put them to good use every day. I appreciate you and Gene so much!
Priscilla Giella, Georgia

Call or e-mail Sandy and sign up
and start living your dream, today. or Call- 605-391-0592

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