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Global Equine Academy - On-Line Professional Equine Training

Class Schedule

Classes Available At Your Preference

Equine Nutrition
Behavior, Ground Work and Safety
Equine Business Management
Equine Reproduction
Facility Management
Techniques of Training Performance Horses I
Techniques of Training Performance Horses II
Stallion Management
Applied Anatomy and Selection
Equine Marketing
Equine Diseases and Health

1st QUARTER - August 21 - October 14, 2023

2nd QUARTER - October 17 - December 08, 2023

Christmas break - December 09, 2023 - January 10, 2024

3rd QUARTER - January 8 - March 1, 2024

4th QUARTER - March 11 - May 3, 2024
Spring Break - March 4 - 8, 2024


Testimonial- Tim from Minnesota is a good example of our students, he has a great business but his dream is to have an equine business and he is well on his way to Living His Dream

When I first considered becoming a student at GEA, it was not without some apprehension, giving the fact that I am in my fifties and never had been in any type of college before. I have been around horses a better part of my life, but was inspired to have further and more in-depth knowledge. Although throughout the years of being around horses, I must confess often times I had done a lot of things with them from feeding to training to riding, etc. and thought to myself this is “ just what you do” and in fact placed myself inside a little box in my thinking limiting my potential and my horse’s. I never challenged myself to ask the question, why am I doing something this way or that way? I lacked the knowledge to answer my own questions.

Gene and Sandy Millers’ school has been an answer to prayer. The way they have their course studies outlined are truly amazing! The classes are in-depth and really easy to understand.

The information we study is practical and makes sense. And every horse person could benefit from the school's methods of teaching. Gene and Sandy truly care about their students and take a sincere interest in their education. I know as a student of the school, how important it is to me to have any questions that I may have to get answered in a timely manner. They were so quick in their response to help in any way. I am truly grateful for the way this school is structured, as a person who owns and runs a small business, the school can work for me. I am in the certificate program to be a certified equine specialist, as I write this I just completed Techniques of Training one and two. It was challenging and rewarding, I learned so much and look forward to what lies ahead.

Gene and Sandy Miller truly Love what they do, and that’s to teach and share their knowledge without reservation to their students. I count this as a blessing. I would recommend GEA to all the horse people, who want to grow in their knowledge and success in the horse industry.

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