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Global Equine Academy - On-Line Professional Equine Training


Live Your Dream Totally Online

Click to watch a unique training video
Click to watch a unique training video

Federally Accredited - Online Equine Degree
Federal Financial Aid
Federally Accredited Associate Degree Online
Federally Accredited Bachelor Degree Online
Equine Management or Equine Specialist Certificate -
Not a paper mill - A real and proven program since 2001
Taught by Professional Trainers & Professional Teachers

Gene and Sandy Miller can help you reach your equine dreams. At Global Equine Academy we will give you the practical and technical equine knowledge to be successful in the equine field of your choice. Get one of our proven certificates, a degree or just learn how to take care of your equine friend like an equine professional. Become a student from your home or just become a lifelong learner.

There are several ways to take classes:

  • Federally Accredited Associates Or Bachelor Degree through Dickinson State University (See Associates Page)
  • Certified Equine Specialist- for those that want to work directly with horses daily (See the Certification Page)
  • Certified Equine Manager- for those that want to work in the industry but not ride horses for a living(See the Certification Page)
  • Learn to take care of your equine friend- Just take the classes that interest you. (See the Certification page)

The Global Equine Academy has been offering online horse classes since 2001 and has many successful equine management students all over the world. Many of our graduates have started their own successful equine businesses, while others have gotten equine jobs and are finally able to fulfill their life long dream. Get your equine degree from an NCA Accredited Equine College then your equine classes will transfer to most colleges in the United States. GEA has contracted with Dickinson State University, an NCA Accredited College so your degree will mean something and is not just a piece of paper; we want our graduates to be successful and be able to Live their Dreams.

We have a proven track record, our method of teaching class works, and we are here to help you meet your goals from the first class to the development of your equine business or equine job. The horse world offers a wide variety of careers and distance learning holds the key for those presently with full time jobs and other responsibilities that make it difficult to relocate to a college campus. Please reference our Equine Careers page for a sampling of equine career opportunities available to you. We are always available to discuss these opportunities and help you make your equine career choice.

The format for The Global Equine Academy is a whole new theory for equine education and distance learning. The online equine education classes, such as equine marketing, equine business, equine management, equine nutrition, equine anatomy, equine health/diseases and equine reproduction will be taught by the most modern distance learning methods totally online. The equine training courses will use lecture notes, college level equine text books and a video to demonstrate the lesson. Horse education students will practice the lesson on their horse and send us a video of them performing the exercise described in the lesson. Gene and Sandy will evaluate the video and give suggestions for improvement and a grade on the lesson.

The lecture equine classes are a combination of lecture notes, college textbooks and online tests with the final being a proctored final. We have done everything possible to make the classes as much like a college classroom as possible. In the classes we have done our best to include the technical information and the practical information we have gained over the past 30 years of training and marketing horses.

GEA tries hard to offer the horse courses online which you will need to be successful in the horse industry. The demand for horse training classes and horse training information is much needed in the horse industry and we are trying hard to fulfill that need with ACCREDITED COLLEGE HORSE CLASSES. The Global Equine Academy has the most functional and practical equine classes online offered in the world. We are truly EDUCATING THE HORSE WORLD ONE CLASS AT A TIME.

INSTRUCTORS-Gene and Sandy Miller

Professional- Nationally Known Trainers -(50 years combined training)
Past University Professors
Certified Teachers
Rare Combination of Training Experience and College Degrees

Past students have been successful in many fields of the equine industry, such things as, therapeutic management, horse businesses, horse management, professional horse training both English and Western, horse rehabilitation, horse rescue management, the first horse, horse marketing, equine business management, recreational riding, equine entrepreneurship, horse nutrition, horse management, stable management, horse shoeing, farrier, tack manufacturing, tack sales, competing and showing in many different disciplines, facility managers, and beginning horse ownership.


equine college An equine college that is affordable

equine on-line Equine education online

equine studies Equine studies to be successful

Equine Accociate Degree Online Equine Associate degree

horse education Horse education for everyone

horse training Horse training courses for the real world

horse school Horse school for the dedicated horseman

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horse management Global Equine Academy is taking horse management into a new era

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Financial Assistance for Equine Classes/Certificate

Get a Certificate in Equine Management at Global Equine Academy through the U.S. Department of Labor. The Employment Training Administration is offering the TAA program which stands for Trade Adjustment Assistance. They will pay the tuition, fees and books for people that have lost their job or have had a cut in hours of their job to train you for a new occupation.
Go to or you can contact your state workforce program coordinator, or contact Gene or Sandy at


CLASSES START August 22, 2016
Limited enrollment - Enroll now to reserve a spot

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